Fitzrovia Charity Appeal

Dear Neighbours

Shop front neighbourhood centre on street corner
Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Centre, on the corner of Tottenham Street and Goodge Place, has served the community with an advice service, and voluntary activities since 1975.

Please help us to continue our work by donating some money to us this winter. We have secured much of the funding to continue our work for another year but we need to ask people to make a small donation to help us balance our books for the year ahead.

The work that we do to help the vulnerable and responding to the issues that affect the quality of life of all of us in Fitzrovia is not possible without the work of paid staff and voluntary workers. We have to cover the cost of bills and rent as well as having our finances and governance audited. These costs go up each year.

The government cutbacks have affected the amount of money we receive, but we have identified new sources of funding to make up part of the shortfall. However, we do need your help to continue our work for the year ahead.

Our services include:

  • A drop in advice service
  • Support for older people with health, arts and social activities
  • Responding to planning and licensing applications from Camden and Westminster
  • Publication of Fitzrovia News our free neighbourhood news paper
  • Community development activities for the Bangladeshi community
  • Space for residents’ and tenants’ associations to meet
  • Office support for local groups

Please visit our donate page this winter to make a one-off payment to help us. Or you can show your support by liking our Facebook Page, and following our pages on Google+ and Linkedin.


Linus Rees, volunteer fund-raiser, Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association

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