Disturbance from heavy lorries arriving early at UCL Howland Street and Fitzroy Place

Fuel Lorry.
A fuel lorry arrives before 8am at Fitzroy Place. Standing with its engine running, a regular occurrence. Culprit: Exemplar and McAlpine at Fitzroy Place.

Lorries everywhere on Friday morning in Fitzrovia’s narrow streets. This was the scene before 8 am with three building sites causing noise nuisance and later traffic chaos. Both UCL Howland Street and Fitzroy Place have been disturbing residents with vehicles arriving on site before they are supposed to and with work taking place outside agreed hours. We find it incredible that very large and experienced organisations are not capable of sticking to agreed operating procedures and arranging an orderly schedule of vehicle movements.

Lorries parked.
Lorries parked in Howland Street in the early morning. Around 25 lorries have been parked in and around the Charlotte Street area. Some having to circulate to find a parking space. Culprit: UCL Howland Street and Keir their contractors.

More than 25 heavy lorries were parked on Friday morning in Charlotte Street, Whitfield Street and Howland Street.

Lorry reverses.
A lorry reversing into Tottenham Mews before 8 am. Culprit: developers refurbishing a building.

Lorries sometimes have to squeeze into narrow streets and mews like this vehicle from a site in Tottenham Mews. Again arriving before 8 am.

We have raised our concerns with Westminster and Camden councils and understand that action will be taken.

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