Branding ourselves and advertising what we do

Pages from magazine.
Our Neighbourhood Centre and streets of Fitzrovia in the pages of Computer Arts Collection.

We were recently featured in a digital arts magazine on sale across the UK as part of an in depth feature on a creative agency.

This is the first time we have been featured in a national print medium and it was thrilling to see our Neighbourhood Centre and the streets of Fitzrovia in the magazine.

We were approached by Dare a creative agency in New Cavendish Street who offered to help create a brand image and give us the tools to better present ourselves to funders. Dare had previously worked with a Soho charity which helps homeless people and we liked the makeover they gave them so we felt confident about taking part.

Dare would be giving their service for free as part of their commitment to helping charitable organisations and as part of a team exercise in creating a media campaign in a short time frame. A concentrated effort to hone their creative production skills.

Pages from magazine.
Dare 48: two days to put together a creative campaign.

As well as ourselves being the subject of creative campaign Dare were to be featured themselves in a special edition of Computer Arts magazine who filmed the whole thing from start to finish and produced 30 pages of pictures and text explaining the process.

For ourselves it was a way of finding out how others perceive us and how we could better present ourselves.

The men and women of Dare quickly identified a number of ways in which we were falling short. We had no brand identity and they laid a number of criticisms at the design and content of the community newspaper we produce.

They made a number of suggestions how how we could improve our printed letterheads, business cards, website and social media. They also demonstrated how we could make better use of photographs in Fitzrovia News the neighbourhood quarterly paper we produce.

At times we disagreed with what Dare suggested, but there was clearly work to be done to present ourselves better. We now have a giant folder full of artistic designs, social media tips and some copy-written ideas of how to get our the message across and the work that we do to improve life for those who live in Fitzrovia.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone at Dare.

The finished product is in Computer Arts Collection: Advertising, insight and inspiration from the global design industry.

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