Looking for somewhere to live in Fitzrovia?

Fitzrovia has seen huge rent rises in recent years and a lot of property speculation and people buying as investments. Many ordinary people have been forced out of the area by rising rents. Same for small businesses. Around 70 percent of people living in Fitzrovia rent their home.

You have a number of options for finding somewhere to live in Fitzrovia. 

  • Buy a flat or house. If you are very well off then approach one of the many estate agents in Fitzrovia and they will help you.
  • Seek a home in the private rented sector. Rents start at around £220 per week for a single bedroom or studio, but most will be at least £250 per week. Letting agencies do not have anything less than £300 per week on their books. If you are looking for the cheapest look in shop windows, news agents, etc, which have notices in the window. If you want the cheapest nothing beats wandering around and looking for a small ad in a window.
  • Seek lodgings in someone’s home. Rents are similar to the private rented sector. Again, walk the streets and look for notices in windows.
  • Apply for local authority housing — Camden Council or Westminster city Council. If you are not in priority need expect to wait several years or even decades to be housed. The same applies to housing associations. Rents start at around £130 per week for a flat for a single person.

If you are homeless seek the advice of from the housing charity Shelter who have a lot more information about finding a home.

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