40 years of community media

It was a 40 years ago last month that Tower, a community newspaper produced entirely by volunteers, rolled off the presses and was delivered to homes in our neighbourhood which some people at that time referred to as “Towerland” after the Post Office Tower, now the BT Tower. 40 years later we are celebrating by putting every one of those newspapers online in our own community newspaper archive

Tower was published every month from a flat just off London’s Tottenham Court Road in the area we now call Fitzrovia. The monthly production was exhausting for all involved and it later came out every two months. After another transformation it became Fitzrovia News which we still publish every three months.

What didn’t change was the writers’ committment to raising awareness of issues affecting the residents living in this inner city neighbourhood such as housing and planning. But the paper also dug into the history of the area, profiled its people and gave the area a sense of community identity — something it proudly continues to do 40 years later.

A version of this article was also published on the Community Channel and the Community Archives and Heritage Group.

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