Make Fitzrovia a Low Traffic Neighbourhood


The Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association has called on Camden and Westminster councils to consider making Fitzrovia a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN), in line with the Mayor of London’s Streetspace plans to help people with social distancing, and enable walking and cycling.

We have asked for both the Camden side and Westminster side of Fitzrovia to be considered together as a single LTN. The neighbourhood is about one square kilometre and is ideal for the installation of modal filters as set out in the Streespace Interim Guidance to Boroughs.

We think this can be best achieved with many streets being closed to through traffic and making the neighbourhood access only, some on-street car parking removed, and more space for cycle parking added. All this should be a priority. Ideally we’d like a 10 mph speed limit across the LTN.

We believe that access in and out of the Fitzrovia LTN can be quickly achieved from the Euston Road and Marylebone Road via Gower Street and Tottenham Court Road on the Camden side and via Portland Place and Great Portland Street on the Westminster side.

Access to all businesses and homes for deliveries, loading and unloading will be maintained, yet keep out motor traffic which is just passing through and has no business here. We are confident the plan would not displace motor traffic into other local streets or neighbourhoods, unlike pedestrianisation schemes which can have unintended negative consequences.

The proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhood would require very little work and would make use of several recent improvements by both Camden and Westminster councils. It would incorporate the changes due in Camden’s West End Project, and also the changes proposed by Westminster council’s Oxford Street District plans.

Fitzrova Low Traffic Neighbourhood.

We hope that transport officers in both Camden and Westminster councils will work together with us to achieve our proposal for a Fitzrovia Low Traffic Neighbourhood. Not only will it make our lives healthier by cutting air pollution it will be a contribution to combating global warming. With a wide range of native trees dug into the carriageway around point closures it will improve biodiversity, too. Our suggested modal filters can be seen on the map above and here.

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