About us

Corner building with shopfront.
The Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Centre was first opened in 1975. The mural on the west wall was painted by artist Brian Barnes MBE.

We are a registered charity and aim to improve the quality of life for those living and working in the central London neighbourhood of Fitzrovia. We do this by running a number of community projects to provide public benefit.

We produce a report and accounts every year.

We were based at the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Centre (a small 18th century building with a Victorian shop front) on the corner of Tottenham Street and Goodge Place from 1975 to 2019.

We now provide a telephone and email advice service. We may have new premises in the future.

Some history of the organisation

From our Neighbourhood Centre we provided a free housing, welfare and debt advice service, supported older people, delivered creative arts, culture, recreation, health and social activities, and community development and social integration for the Bangladeshi community.

Front page of newspaper.
Tower newspaper from March 1975 featured 39 Tottenham Street.

We support Fitzrovia News a free neighbourhood newspaper, promoted citizenship and democracy, and encouraged volunteering. There is also an archive of community newspapers.

We respond to planning and licensing applications to City of Westminster and London Borough of Camden, and consultations by the Mayor of London and Greater London Authority. We campaign for more affordable housing and public open space, and work with other community groups in Fitzrovia to improve the built and natural environment.

The organisation was founded in 1975 when we acquired an urban aid grant and our current premises. We became a registered charity in 2004.

If you would like to support us and help us to continue our work, please consider making a donation

Map of Fitzrovia
Our neighbourhood is in the streets bounded by Euston Road, Gower Street, Oxford Street and Great Portland Street.

The geographical area we cover is within the streets bounded by Euston Road, Gower Street, Oxford Street and Great Portland Street. But our advice service covers the whole of Camden and Westminster.

We are recognised by City of Westminster and London Borough of Camden who consult us on planning, licensing, transport and the environment.

Our latest annual report and accounts are available on the Charity Commission website (our charity reg no is 1111649). Please consider making a donation to support us.

If you use social media you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook.

Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association is a registered charity (1111649) and a company limited by guarantee (01673259).

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