Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Statistics interim report

By Linus Rees

The 2010 indeces of multiple deprivation were published today. Over the next few days I will be looking at the data writing a brief report about the neighbourhood. In the meantime an interim  report is here with links to the original data sets. (I’ve still yet to write this as of 07.10.12)

Fitzrovia has a population of about 8,000. This a very rough estimate which I will revise in due course. Overall Fitzrovia has above average levels of “Total Deprivation”. Fitzrovia consists of parts of seven Lower Layer Super Output Areas as described below. One is in City of Westminster’s Marylebone High Street Ward, two are in City of Westminster’s West End Ward, and four are in London Borough of Camden’s Bloomsbury Ward. They describe indeces of multiple deprivation in Fitzrovia and are from the Office of National Statistics and have been updated to include information from 2010 (released on 24 March 2011).

Fitzrovia has wide disparities of wealth, like much of London. Overall Fitzrovia is above averagely deprived in statistical terms. However, the statistics are distorted by the presence of some very expensive properties and high-income property owners so there are pockets of high deprivation. Whilst Marylebone High Street Ward overall is not deprived, the Lower Layer Super Output Area that is in Fitzrovia has high levels of deprivation, in particular for older people. Bloomsbury ward is classed as averagely deprived but again there are wide disparities of wealth within it.

With regard to the “living environment” index, all parts of Fitzrovia are within the 20 percent most deprived and most areas being within the 10 percent most deprived in England.

As for “barriers to housing and services” most of Fitzrovia is within the 20 percent most derived and many areas within the 10 percent most deprived in England.

W1W 5AS within neighbourhood Westminster 013A —

W1W 7QW within neighbourhood Westminster 013D –

W1W 6DN within neighbourhood Westminster 013B –

W1T 4RX within neighbourhood Camden 026B –

W1T 7NN within neighbourhood Camden 026D –

WC1E 7BT within neighbourhood Camden 026A –

WC1B 3QU within neighbourhood Camden 028A –

Information obtained from:

Westminster Ward Profiles September 2010; Bloomsbury Ward Profile 2001.

Compiled by Linus Rees, trustee, Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association, 24 March 2011

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