Responding to licensing applications

Camden Council recently renewed it licensing policy. In some ways it has a much stricter policy which has drawn some criticism; in particular its Sex Establishments Policy. In other ways the Council has, in effect, relaxed its policy as it now no longer sends out written notice to neighbours of premises seeking a licence. Instead residents have to actively look out for licence applications by signing up to email alerts, etc.

There is much more empahasis on relying on Camden’s licensing website

However, since the beginning of the year the licensing website has been churning out the applications very close to the last minute for consultation. Hardly a very good service. A recent application by a club in Tottenham Court Road is a case in point. The Council published the application on the very last day of consultation.

We responded to this licence application within four hours of the deadline for comments. We now are going to complain to Camden Council about their licensing website and ask for a better service which enables residents to be able to respond in good time.

With ever increasing applications for licences — particularly in Fitzrovia — it is important that the consultation process is fit for purpose.

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