We are seeking new premises in Fitzrovia

Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association (registered charity) is looking for new premises.

We are having to leave our current premises because the owner Camden Council is seeking vacant possession by March 2013 in order to sell the property. We are not in dispute with Camden Council over this and the council is merely carrying out its policy of getting rid of some of its property portfolio.

We are now seeking to rent approximately 65 square metres of office and community space on a permanent basis or for at least five years to replace what we currently have. The new premises should be within Fitzrovia (an area bounded by Euston Road, Gower Street, Oxford Street, and Great Portland Street) and ideally would be on a ground floor and basement with a window onto the street. We would also consider premises on upper floors providing there is access by a lift. All premises should be accessible by wheelchair.

We deliver a number of services including publishing Fitzrovia News, providing housing and welfare advice, community development projects for the local Bangladeshi community, older people, and responding to planning and licensing consultations. We are recognised as a community group by Westminster City Council and Camden Council.

If you have suitable premises to let, please contact us on 020 7580 4576 or email fna@fitzrovia.org.uk or use our contact form.

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