Our network of community websites and social media

We have a number of community websites each producing content to inform and entertain people living in Fitzrovia, raise awareness of the neighbourhood’s heritage as well as foster a sense of community.

The domain name fitzrovia.org.uk hosts our main site and we have a number of sub-domains hosting sites with distinct functions. There are four websites:

  • Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association — fitzrovia.org.uk :: This site describes briefly the entire work of the charity through a number of static pages and blog posts. The charity also has a presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • Fitzrovia News — news.fitzrovia.org.uk :: This is the site of our community newspaper and it is the most well-known of our websites. It contains news and features about all aspects of Fitzrovia life and reports on other community organisations in Fitzrovia. It is read by residents, people working in Fitzrovia, as well as those living abroad. It is produced by a team of editors and many contributors. Fitzrovia News has established a large Twitter following and a growing amount of followers on Facebook and Google+.
  • Fitzrovia Community Newspaper Archive — archive.fitzrovia.org.uk :: This site will eventually contain an archive of every single one of our printed community newspapers — Tower, Fitzrovia Neighbourhood News, and Fitzrovia News — published since March 1973.
  • Fitzrovia Festival — festival.fitzrovia.org.uk :: The official site of our neighbourhood festival which was first held in 1973. You can follow Festival on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
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