We are an inner London charity working to relieve poverty and combat social isolation

We are a registered charity working in the inner London neighbourhood of Fitzrovia delivering a number of services to the local community.

  • We provide housing, welfare and debt advice to residents.
  • Deliver community development work using art and textiles with Bangladeshi women.
  • Combat social isolation among the elderly and disabled using art and culture.
  • Provide gentle exercise for older people.
  • Publish a community newspaper to inform and entertain those who live and work in Fitzrovia, and promote active citizenship and local democracy.
  • Campaign to improve quality and availability of affordable housing.
  • Respond to planning and licensing applications to both Camden and Westminster councils to protect residents amenity.
  • Organise the Fitzrovia Festival with social, historical and walking events to celebrate the life of the neighbourhood.

You can make a donation to help us continue and improve our work via our website. See our donation page for full details.

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