Camden planning applications in Fitzrovia June-July 2013

There were many planning applications in Fitzrovia submitted to Camden Council between mid-June and mid-July 2013. They are summarised below. There is also a pre-application exhibition showing proposals for the redevelopment of the former Strand Union Workhouse on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 July, details here (pdf).

251-258 Tottenham Court Road  and 1 Bedford Avenue  London  W1T 7RB: Erection of an eight storey building plus basement level for a mixed use development comprising retail use (Class A1) at part basement and ground floor levels and office use (Class B1) at part ground and first to seventh floor levels with associated plant in basement and roof, following complete demolition of existing retail/office buildings at 1 Bedford Avenue and 251-258 Tottenham Court Road. [THIS APPLICATION IS ASSOCIATED WITH A CONCURRENT APPLICATION AT 24-25 BLOOMSBURY SQUARE REF: 2013/3881/P]. 2013/3880/P

Central Cross  18-30 Tottenham Court Road  London  W1T 1AT: Variation of condition 3 (approved plans) and condition 10 (retail unit size) of planning permission 2012/2232/P granted on 30/01/2013 (for “extension of retail units and cinema entrance at 18-30 Tottenham Court Road by infilling of double-height arcade, new shopfronts with canopy above; part change of use of ground floor, mezzanine and basement to flexible retail/ food and drink (Class A1 and/or Class A3)” abbrev.) Changes relate to relocation of two small units, creation of an additional entrance and relocation of flexible class A1/A3 unit to larger unit. 2013/3929/P

14 Warren Street  London  W1T 5LL: Change of use at ground floor and basement levels from shop (Class A1) to dental practice (Class D1). 2013/4014/P

2 Conway Mews  London W1T 6AA: Installation of new pedestrian and vehicular gates to the car park of property (Class D1/C3). 2013/4033/P

Miranda House 58 Grafton Way  London  W1T 5DL: Details required by condition 8 (details of drawings or samples) and condition 10 (retention of the cupboards to the rear room) to listed building consent (ref:2012/5459/L) granted on 03/12/2012 for the erection of extension in rear courtyard from lower ground to roof level with the refurbishment of the existing museum. 2013/4045/L

UCL Anatomy Building Gower Street London WC1E 6BT: Installation of plant deck and screen to rear elevation of Anatomy Building (Class D1). 2013/4058/P

54 Goodge Street  London  W1T 4NA: Details required by condition 3 (sample of color coating) to planning permission (ref: 2012/5843/P) granted on 08/04/2013 for installation of extract duct on rear elevation to roof level in connection with existing restaurant. 2013/4061/P

Dabbous, 39 Whitfield Street  London  W1T 2SF: Variation of condition 5 (permitted opening hours) of planning permission granted on 09/07/10 (Ref: 2009/1660/P for the change of use from internet cafe/bar (Class A1) to restaurant (Class A3) at lower ground and ground floor levels including alterations to shopfront, installation of air conditioning units to roof top and ventilation ducting to roof top and rear elevation, increasing height of the mono-pitched roof at ground floor extension and new entrance door to upper floor levels.), namely the extension of the opening hours from 23.30 to 00.30 (the following day) Thursday to Saturday. 2013/4267/P

Fitzroy Square Gardens Fitzroy Square London: (TPO Ref: S8) WITHIN THE SQUARE: 1 x Robinia – Reduce by 30%. 2013/4326/T

Charlotte House  11-14 Windmill Street  London W1T 2DY: Non-material amendment to an approved scheme granted on 07/02/2013 (ref: 2012/6693/P for the replacement of fourth floor and erection of mansard roof extension to create fifth floor, removal of plant room and erection of fifth floor extension to No.14, alterations, replacement of external plant at second floor level and installation of fire escape between fourth and fifth floor all in connection with existing offices (Class B1).), namely removal of the fire escape link bridge and associated door at ground floor level at No11 Windmill Street and the extension of the glass balustrade to accommodate the removal of the bridge at ground floor level front lightwell. 2013/3735/P

10 Charlotte Street London W1T 2LT: Display of internally illuminated lettering to fascia panel, following removal of existing signage. 2013/3919/A

38 Store Street  London  WC1E: Details of secure cycle store in relation to condition 4 of planning permission dated 27/11/2012 (ref. 2012/4300/P) for the replacement of windows and rooflights in connection with change of use from flat to studio flat and maisonette (Class C3). 2013/3925/P

56 Goodge Street London W1T 4NB: Installation of flue and replacement plant equipment to rear in connection with existing restaurant. 2013/4064/P and 56 Goodge Street London W1T 4NB: Installation of flue and replacement plant equipment to rear in connection with existing restaurant. 2013/4100/L

Double J’s Sandwich Bar 333 Euston Road London NW1 3AD: 2 Tables and 8 Chairs Monday to Friday: 07:00 to 16:00 Saturday: 08:00 to 15:00 New Application. 2013/4075/TC

Southbank International School  17 Conway Street London  W1T 6BN: Change of use from school to a dual use of the building as either educational (Class D1) or office (Class B1a). 2013/3725/P

117 Tottenham Court  London  QT1 5AL: Details of condition 4 (noise and ventilation attenuation measures) of planning permission 2011/0800/P decided 20/06/2011 for the conversion of vacant first, second and third floors to create 1 x two bedroom and 2 x one bedroom flats. 2013/3847/P

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