Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia planning applications registered between 29 December 2013 and 17 January 2014

There were 26 planning applications registered in Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia by Camden Council between 29 December 2013 and 17 January 2014. 

To view all 26 applications download the pdf file. Licensing applications are here.

The most significant application in Fitzrovia is:

2013/8192/P the Former Odeon site and Rosenheim Building Site bounded partly by Grafton Way, TCR, Huntley Street and University Street London WC1E 6DB.

Redevelopment of the former Odeon site and demolition of the Rosenheim Building to provide a Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) cancer treatment facility and day surgery facilities in 4 levels of basement; inpatient medical facilities and a ground floor retail unit (175 sq m approximate GIA) in a 7 storey development above ground (34,596.5 sq m GIA in total) including roof plant, a new pedestrian entrance on corner of Grafton Way and Huntley Street, a new service entrance on Huntley Street, a ground floor drop-off area off Grafton Way, and three roof gardens; and the relocation of the oxygen tanks to University Street frontage inside a new enclosure.

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