Our response to Westminster City Council’s cycling strategy

From 3 December 2013 to 20 January 2014 Westminster City Council ran a public consultation on the draft cycling strategy. Below are our comments. 

Our association welcomes the opportunity to comment on the City Council’s cycling strategy and the efforts the council is taking to gain the views of its residents.

However, we believe Westminster City Council is not doing enough relative to other inner London boroughs with regard to encouraging cycling or making the city safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Specifically we urge the City Council to introduce a borough-wide 20 mph speed limit and provide better cycling infrastructure including segregated cycling lanes on larger roads. We would also like the City Council to introduce more car-free housing for new developments to further encourage cycling, walking and use of public transport.

In Fitzrovia very few people own or use a car.  They make use of public transport, walking, and of course enjoy cycling. But the neighbourhood is often choked with large amounts of motor traffic and cyclists are squeezed into certain routes rather than be encouraged to permeate through all parts of the City. We would welcome cycling contraflows in one-way streets as is commonplace in many European cities.

We would like to see more road space given over to cycling and our pavements free of cyclists (and cars). We wish to see road junctions free of parked vehicles to improve visibility for cyclists and pedestrians.

Because Westminster is a relatively flat borough it has the potential to be a first class cycling borough and a pleasure for most people to cycle through.

We also fully endorsed the excellent comments made by the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum.

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