Older Fitzrovia newsletter, February 2014

Special viewing of ‘Colombia Gold’ at the British Museum next week! I have 20 free tickets to this exhibition for Thursday 6 February 11.20am. There was only one community viewing for this exhibition, which is closing 23 March. It normally costs £10. Please let me know if you are interested by calling me on 020 7580 4576. Unfortunately only this time is available. (This event is fully booked).
Time to Sing is at Fitzrovia Court (24 Carburton St W1W 5AS) Mondays 11-12.30pm. No experience or skills necessary. Come have fun singing familiar songs with a friendly group of people! For people with dementia and their carers, there is also ‘Singing for the Brain’ running at All Saints Margaret Church, 7 Margaret St 10.30-12.30pm Thursdays until 27 March.
Lunch on Mondays is available at the George and Dragon pub on the corner of Cleveland and Greenwell Sts from 12.30, at a discounted price of £3 for main meal only, drinks extra. This is through a kind donation from Sir Robert MacAlpine, contractors on the Middlesex Hosp. site.
Massage/Reflexology We were not successful in the last funding application for this, but I have put in another one, which I should hear about in the next 6 weeks. While we wait, Philomena will still come in at the same time on Wednesdays, 1.30 – 3:30pm to Fitzrovia Court, but she’ll need to charge the full £17.50/half hour cost – if you’re interested please call her on 07931 502 029 to arrange an appointment. If we have good news in March we’ll be able to go back to offering it free.
Advice on pension credit, attendance allowance, housing benefit, housing repairs, and passport benefits (like the Freedom Pass) etc are all still available here at 39 Tottenham St. Open drop-in sessions are on Tuesdays 10am-1.30pm, Women only Wednesdays 11am-1pm, or you can make an appointment outside those times by calling 020 7580 4576.
All Souls Clubhouse has a range of friendly exercise classes available. They also run two very useful services: Clubcare which includes visiting and other help, and a shopping trip available every fortnight on Thursday. The lunches on Wednesdays are also still going. If you’re interested in any of these, please call Cherry on 020 7255 9756.
The negotiations for our new office on Goodge Place are nearly complete, and hopefully we’ll be moving by the end of February.
Barb Jacobson
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