Positive Health project funded as part of Derwent London’s community funding programme

The Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association (FNA) has been successful in receiving grant funding from Derwent London plc.

We received £15,790 for our Fitzrovia Positive Health project as part of Derwent London‘s community funding programme in Fitzrovia. We were one of seven successful applicants to share grants totalling £75,000.

Barb Jacobson who made the application to the Derwent London community funding programme said: “That is very good news indeed for our organisation and we express our many thanks to Derwent London. Our beneficiaries will be very happy to hear about this. These activities have been a lifeline to many, and we look forward to being able to widen participation in them with the help of this grant.”

The project will provide women-only exercise classes targeted (but not exclusively) for hard-to-reach Asian/Bangladeshi women who otherwise have no culturally appropriate place to participate in regular physical activity, along with free massage/reflexology sessions for both older people, and for the same group of women. All the sessions will include tips on exercises and stretches people can do in their own time which will continue the benefits of both, and healthy eating. Despite the proven benefits of both massage and exercise, these are largely out of the reach of people on low fixed incomes, and very rarely offered by the NHS.

Asian women are usually the primary carers for children and older people in their families, so supporting their health has an indirect impact on a much larger group of people. Older people in Fitzrovia are often at risk of isolation, but are more likely to have massage, at least in the first instance, than get involved with group activities the FNA offers like singing and the discounted pub lunch. This project will help both groups get out of the house regularly, and find help with other problems they have, as well as introduce them to other community development activities run by the FNA.

The project will run for one year.

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