Fitzrovia Cycling Quietway proposals are a step in the right direction but offer little to encourage cycling

Our comments about the the Central London Cycle Grid Quietway from Edgware Road to Fitzrovia.

We strongly support efforts to increase cycling in this area and welcome measures to reduce danger to cyclists from motor vehicles. We particularly support initiatives that encourage children and older adults to take up cycling. We would welcome a borough-wide speed limit of 20 mph and even lower speed limits on residential and shopping streets. 

We only wish to comment specifically on the Carburton Street, Great Portland Street and the eastern part of Devonshire Street as these streets come within our area of interest.

We welcome the proposals in principle, particularly two-way cycling on Great Portland Street and Carburton Street. We welcome the blocking of motor vehicles at the junction of Carburton and Cleveland Street.

However, we feel the pavement and street proposals along Carburton Street are too cluttered and detract from pedestrian amenity. Specifically the segregated cycle contra-flow is unnecessary in this relatively small and quiet street. We would like to see a “shared space” proposal here which gives priority to pedestrians, then cyclists, before motor vehicles.

Nevertheless we welcome the pedestrian and cycling facilities at the junction of Great Portland Street and Carburton Street and the segregated contra-flow along Great Portland Street. However we are concerned about the safety of cyclists who may continue north along Great Portland Street.

We are also concerned that there is little improvement to Devonshire Street aside from cycle symbols painted on to the road.

While these proposals are a step in the right direction, overall they are far too modest and offer little to encourage inexperienced or less experienced cyclists, or discourage private motor vehicle use.

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