Our view of the current neighbourhood area applications

Our trustees would like to make it clear that we are not supporting any neighbourhood area application in or around Fitzrovia. This is not because we object but rather we would rather remain neutral and not get involved with neighbourhood planning in either Camden or Westminster for the time being. 

We have written to both Camden and Westminster councils to state this.

Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association is not endorsing any application or objection to neighbourhood areas in Fitzrovia, Bloomsbury or Marylebone.

We hope individual forums pursuing their area applications can come an agreement over borders. We wish all these forums and the people they represent every success.

As a charity we have many commitments during a time of diminishing resources. We value and take a pride in the work we do in the City of Westminster and the London Borough of Camden. We wish to concentrate on this work rather than get involved with Neighbourhood Planning and the large amount of work that it requires.

We will continue to respond to important licensing and planning applications and other consultations, but not embroil ourselves with Neighbourhood Planning and discussions over neighbourhood areas.

The Trustees, Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association



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