Keep up to date with news and events in Fitzrovia

If you’ve recently moved to Fitzrovia or started working here and want to keep up to date with news and events then you may like to follow Fitzrovia News our community newspaper. 

Fitzrovia News is on the web, and every post is shared to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

We also send out a weekly or fortnightly email newsletter where we provide news and comment not covered on the website or on social media. You can subscribe here or by using your mobile phone: text NEWS + your email address to 447786200236. It’s easy to unsubscribe at any time.

We will also in the near future provide the weekly newsletter by text to your phone if you are using the free text messaging service Telegram. Telegram is similar to the popular Whatsapp messaging service but it is completely free to use.

Fitzrovia News is also printed as a quarterly newspaper and distributed to all residences in Fitzrovia. The newspaper contains many features not on our website and we also sell adverts in the paper. We print at least 5,000 copies and distribute in March, June, September and December. It is also available outside the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Centre, 39 Tottenham Street, at Gig’s Fish and Chip Shop, 12 Tottenham Street, and at Fitzrovia Bicycles, 136-138 New Cavendish Street.

We hold public editorial meetings at 7.00pm on the first Tuesday of every month at the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association, 39 Tottenham Street, London W1T 4RX.

If you want to get in touch with Fitzrovia News use this contact form.

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