Response to Crossrail 2 safeguarding consultation

Our comments on the Crossrail 2 safeguarding consultation. (Fitzrovia News also published an article here).

Our organisation is a recognised amenity society in the City of Westminster and London Borough of Camden and we have concerns about Crossrail 2 and an “area of surface interest” on the Camden and Westminster border.

According to the maps produced an “area of surface interest” is located at the southern end of Rathbone Place and next to Gresse Street (near Oxford Street) in the postcode area W1 and shown on Sheet 23 of the safeguarding maps.

We are particularly concerned about the residential block at 25 Gresse Street, London W1T 1QP. This block of flats has over 100 residents and we are concerned that the area of surface interest is so close to the building.

Our view is that this site is not suitable for a station entrance and we are concerned about any machinery or ventilation equipment that may be installed here as it could cause a noise nuisance. We are also concerned that any future works could cause a noise nuisance. It should be noted that local residents have had to endure the noise from Crossrail works as well as the redevelopment of the opportunity area around Tottenham Court Road Station.

We hope our concern for the quality of life of these residents is taken into consideration.

Finally we are concerned that there as been little detail about the proposed surface works. I would be grateful if you could keep us updated with any more information about Crossrail 2 and how it may impact on our neighbourhood.

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