From our archive: John Constable’s house at 76 Charlotte Street

The landscape painter John Constable (1776-1837) lived and worked in this house at 76 Charlotte Street. There was a plaque on the building placed by the London County Council stating that John Constable “died here”.

Front of Georgian house.
John Constable’s house at 76 Charlotte Street.

These photographs from our archive were taken during the early 1960s by a person unknown. If you look carefully at the pictures you will see clues to nearby buildings some of which remain today. 

Close up of railings at front of house.
Constable’s house.

In the first photograph you can see in the top left part of the 1950s building that later became the offices of Saatchi & Saatchi at 80 Charlotte Street. To the right you can see part of another 1950s building built on the site of the church of St John’s the evangelist which was partly destroyed in the Second World War.

Blue plaque on wall.
A blue plaque by London County Council.

In the reflection in the window of the picture taken at an angle you can see part of the Astor College building opposite at 99 Charlotte Street.

Sadly the building and the one to the left were demolished around 1966. It is now the site of a modern office block owned by Derwent London.

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