We contributed to BBC programme about Crossrail 2

Two members of Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association appeared in a short BBC TV feature about plans for Crossrail 2 at Rathbone Place, part of proposals to expand the Tottenham Court Road station.

Rathbone Place.Trustees and volunteers Linus Rees and Pete Whyatt spoke to BBC reporter Mark Jordan about how Crossrail 1 has affected the district and about how property developers are hoping to cash in on Crossrail 2.

Filming took place at the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Centre and in Hanway Street, Oxford Street, and Rathbone Place.

Linus Rees told the BBC how the land next to the Rathbone Place site could be redeveloped and how it would change the character of the area.

Pete Whyatt explained to the BBC how big business was benefiting but that small businesses were facing disruption and were ultimately priced out of the district.

The BBC approached the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association to help with the programme after seeing a news article about Crossrail 2 in Fitzrovia News, the community newspaper which we publish.

BBC iPlayer: Inside Out London. Mark Jordan reports on how Crossrail 2 is becoming the capital’s next property goldmine — 18 January 2016. (Tottenham Court Road features from 13 minutes 50 seconds onwards.)

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