We must stop the closure of West End Children’s Centre

We have written to Westminster City Council’s West End Ward Councillors — Paul Church, Jonathan Glanz, and Glenys Roberts — to ask them to stop the closure of West End Children’s Centre

We wrote to them saying:

For parents with young children the new year has brought with it a threat from the council to close the West End Children’s Centre at Foley Street and Brewer Street.

One parent wrote to us to say:

“I hear that Westminster is planning to close both the Foley Street and Soho children centres for under fives. These centres, as you know, provide a unique place for children in the area to meet and play and if there were to close it would be a great shame.”

Our association is very concerned about this particularly at a time when we have new social housing in the neighbourhood — at Ogle Street and at Fitzroy Place. We have new young families as well as existing families in our neighbourhood — something we are proud of and cherish.

Now that support for families and their youngest children is threatened.

We have responded to the consultation — Changes to Children’s Centres — urging the council to retain the service at West End Children’s Centre in Foley Street and Brewer Street. We ask you as councillors to resist these plans and to support children and families in the West End ward.

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