Our response to TfL’s proposals for Regent’s Park

We welcome proposals to reduce through motor vehicle traffic in Regent’s Park. This would improve the park for visitors and recreation. It would improve the park for those doing sports including running and cycling. 

We do have concerns about motor vehicle traffic displaced into side streets as this will negatively impact on not only residents but also pedestrians and cyclists. We are particularly concerned about any motor vehicle displacement into streets surrounding the park. We hope TfL will address concerns expressed by the many residents who are concerned about this.

We would prefer a 20 mph speed limit on the outer and inner circle. We would also support further restrictions of through motor traffic into the park while not preventing those who travel there by motor vehicle. We see no reason not to maintain the closure of the gates all day. This would benefit people who visit the park during the middle of the day.

Have your say on proposals for Cycle Superhighway Route 11 between Swiss Cottage and the West End.

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