Our response to Collaboration House, 77-79 Charlotte Street, construction management plan


Demolition and construction work at 77-79 Charlotte Street is due to start in July 2017. This is our response to the construction management plan.

Mike Fincham

Thank you for consulting with us on the construction plan.

Your vehicle movement plan has errors and also routes that would cause unacceptable harm to the amenity of residents and threaten public safety.

On page 24 the approach route is incorrect. It is not possible to turn into Cleveland Street from the Marylebone Road or Euston Road because of the one way system. Please submit a corrected traffic movement plan. We suggest using Gower Street, Grafton Way, Fitzroy Street, then Charlotte Street. Please notify us of amended route.

The chosen exit route is via Goodge Place — a narrow mostly residential street with a number of listed buildings and original cobblestones on the carriageway. The turn on to Goodge Street is very tight for a large vehicle. This route involves several left turns (left hooks) and is more dangerous than right turns. Please do not use this route under any circumstances. Instead, please use Tottenham Street, Cleveland Street, Maple Street, Tottenham Court Road as an exit to the ring road. Please use a banksman or marshall to assist at corner of Tottenham and Cleveland as the turn is tight. Again, please notify us of the amended route.

I would strongly suggest you walk or cycle these routes before writing them into the amended plan. Please note that Camden council officers are often unaware of one way street directions.

Please also note that Camden Council are introducing changes to street directions and various restrictions possibly as early as November 2018 as part of its West End Project to coincide with the first Crossrail trains arriving at TCR Station in December 2018. So your route may need to be revised again. In which case we need to be consulted to advise.


Linus Rees
director and trustee

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